Configuring the Telemetry Settings on Corpuls3 Defibrillator

Using the system menu to edit and save the telemetry settings of your Corpuls C3

Editing your corpuls C3 Telemetry Settings

The first step in this process is to put your device into "user mode", using the 4 digit login code (original code: 2222).

  • You can do this by pressing the Jog Dial to enter the main menu and select the "System" option. Once you're in the sub-menu, select "Login". Use your 4 digit passcode.

corpuls C3 Settings Menu

Figure 1: corpuls C3 Settings Menu


  • Once you've successfully entered the correct passcode, you'll be able to edit the Telemetry settings.

Telemtry Settings

Figure 2: Telemetry Settings within the System menu


  • The telemetry, services, and connection settings can be entered using the Jog dial. Select the options you require. 

Telemetry Settings Corpuls C3

Figure 3: Telemetry Settings 


Telemetry Service Settings

Figure 4: Telemetry Service Settings

How to Save Your Configuration Settings

Once all settings have been entered the configuration should be permanently stored on the device.

  • Using the Jog dial select the main menu and navigate to System >> Settings

corpuls c3 system settings

Figure 5: corpuls C3 System Settings

  • In the setting menu in the configuration section select “store”

corpuls c3 configuration save

Figure 6: Storing Telemetry Configuration Settings