Is the Ortus Insight system safe?

The article below outlines the safety standards our Telematics system complies with. Read on for more information!

Human Exposure

Generally, due to the low output power involved in the RFID system, there is little guidance on human exposure and working distances. Effective studies in this area utilise SAR (specific absorption rate) measurements, similar to those used with mobile phone technology.

Based on simulations performed in a number of research papers and modifying for our effective radiated power, the peak SAR over a 10g cube at a distance of 10cm from the antenna would be 1.33W/kg for continuous operation (0.33W/kg considering peak duty cycle).

The EU safety limit is 2W/kg for the head & trunk and 4W/kg for limbs. For reference, mobile phones can typically reach 1.6W/kg when in normal use.


The RF Module sub-assembly is certified to conform to the following standards:

  • ETSI EN 302 208
  • ETSI EN 300 220
  • CENECLEC EN 50581:2012

Ortus Telematics have also tested the complete assembly ensuring performance to the following specifications in order to declare CE conformity:

  • EN 301 489-1 v2.1.1
  • EN 55032:2015
  • EN 55016-1-4:2010+ A1:2012
  • EN 61000-4-3:2006+ A2:2010
  • EN 50498:2010
The sub-assembly also has various FCC compliance certifications; however, Ortus Telematics has not yet tested the complete assembly against the North American standards. 

Best Practise

Ortus Telematics have drawn upon their experience of electronic design procedures to develop the Insight Asset hardware following the guidance supplied by the sub-assembly RF manufacture in order to maintain regulatory conformity, supported by testing performed at the University of Leeds.