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Heat Shrink Example

This video demonstrates how to use the hot air gun to apply heat shrink to secure the 'paper tags' to a product.

1. Cut and remove the previous tag from the product and clean with a cleaning wipe. 

2. Apply the new 'paper tags' to all relevant areas of the product - use your tagging guide on the Insight app for instructions. 

3. Cut the heat shrink tube to match the size of your 'paper tags'. 

4. To turn on the hot air gun - twist the red cap to release the gas, press the button on the back of the hot air gun to ignite the flame.

5. Use the hot air gun to apply heat to the tubing around the tagged areas. 

Repeat this process for each tagged area, continuously move the hot air gun up and down so you don't burn the product. 

Ensure the hot air gun is turned off when not in use by twisting the gas cap off.