How do I stop my VG70 using too much oxygen?

The below Oxygen Usage Report by Professor Tom Clutton-Brock of MD-TEC runs through some setup options that will help reduce O2 consumption by the VG70.


When setting the trigger threshold for spontaneous patient-initiated breaths, oxygen consumption can vary.

The VG70 defaults to Vsens (flow triggered) at 2lpm (litres per minute). At this level, the bias flow is 20lpm across the different modes of ventilation. If Vsens is increased to 20lpm the bias also increases up to 40lpm. This gives rise to a potential threat of oxygen shortage due to excess consumption. alongside existing infrastructures now coping with additional machines.

To avoid this, the operator should switch to pressure triggering (Psens). Bias flow remains stable at 5lpm in Psens, drastically reducing oxygen consumption. Please ensure to set the threshold above the Psens default of -3cmH2O to avoid auto-triggering of breaths.

Unless flow triggering is essential, the VG70 should always be set to Psens at every startup or ventilation mode selection.


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MD-TEC VG70 O2 Usage Report