How to change the domain name your corpuls device sends data to.

This article will walk you through the steps required to change the domain name you corpuls devices sends its mission data to.

Before you change the domain to which your corpuls devices send their mission files to, please ensure your IT Department has whitelisted the new domain and fully tested its functionality. 


You'll first need to put the device into 'User' mode using the 4 digit login code as per the steps below. 

  • Press the Jog Dial to enter the main menu

  • Select “System” and then the submenu “Login

System Menu

Figure 1: Logging in as a User

  • Enter the 4 digit user code 

If you do not know this, you will need to contact your Engineering or Servicing Department.


Enter User Code

Figure 2: Enter User Code


The Telemetry settings can now be entered.

  • Press the jog dial to enter the main menu and select> Telemetry > Settings

Settings Menu

Figure 3: Entering the Telemetry Settings Menu


In the Settings Menu, use the Jog Dial to locate the 'Fax' menu option as seen in Figure 4. 


Fax Menu

Figure 4: Telemetry Settings


The new server address can be entered using the Jog dial


Entering Service Address

Figure 5: Entering Server Address


The new domain for sending corpuls mission files is;


How to store the configuration


Once all settings have been entered the configuration should be permanently stored on the device.

  • Using the Jog dial select the main menu and navigate to System > Settings

Saving Configuration

Figure 6: Entering System Settings


  • In the setting menu in the configuration section select “store”

Storing Server Configuration

Figure 7: Saving New Domain Name Configuration