How to disable FTP upload on your Corpuls C3

Use the system settings to disable FTP upload on your Corpuls C3.

Editing the Settings to remove FTP Upload

Put the device into “user operator” mode using the default (unless changed) 4 digit login code “2222” as per steps below

  • Press the Jog Dial to enter the main menu
  • Select “System” >> “Login”

CF 4

Figure 1: System Login 

  • Enter the 4 digit user code. 2222 (unless otherwise changed)

Login Screen

Figure 2: Enter Passcode Screen


The Telemetry settings can now be changed

  • Press the jog dial to enter the main menu and select >> “Telemetry” >> “Settings”

Picture 2-1

Figure 3: Telemetry Settings Menu 

  • Select “Services” using the 3rd soft key.
  • Using the jog dial scroll to "Mission upload" 
  • Uncheck the “Enabled” option box by pressing the Jog Dial.
  • Confirm the change by pressing “OK” using the soft key

FTP Settings

Figure 4: Services Menu Options

Saving your Settings

Using the Jog Dial select the main menu and navigate to System >> Settings

Picture 5

Figure 5: System Settings Menu

  • In the configuration section of the settings menu select “Store”

Picture 6

Figure 6: Select "Store" in the System Settings Configuration box


The FTP upload will now be disabled