How to send a D-ECG from your Corpuls C3 device

This article will show you how to send a D-ECG report to a designated email address from your Corpuls3.

  • Perform your Dynamic ECG as per the user manual.
  • Once the D-ECG has been completed, press the 'Send' softkey once prompted.


Figure 1: Dialogue box showing email destination


  • When prompted, use the Jog Dial to either select a pre-entered email address, or choose a manual destination, and insert the desired email address. 
  • Once you're happy with the email address, use the appropriate softkey to select 'OK'. The report will start to send. 
  • You can track progress by monitoring the symbols displayed on the screen, as per the below. 


Figure 2: Server symbol displayed showing connection to server established



Figure 3: D-ECG transfer started- Arrow symbol is displayed



Figure 4: D-ECG transfer complete- Tick symbol is displayed